GUIDE TO: Weight Loss & Maintenance

GUIDE TO: Weight Loss & Maintenance

Published on
April 10, 2017
Dr. Cher Morgan

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Eating a High Raw or 100% Raw diet does so many amazing things for your body. Foremost on people’s minds is usually weight loss. This is attained effortlessly as pounds drop away. The easiest way to lose excess fat is to eat lower calorie foods that are high in nutrients. When you eat foods high in nutrients and you’re able to assimilate them because you’re body is clean, then your hunger tends to decrease, as well as your cravings for “bad foods.” Wouldn’t that be nice not to have so many cravings for “bad” foods? Half the struggle to losing weight is not having cravings or always being hungry and then feeling deprived. With my lifestyle of eating Raw now, I never feel deprived because everything I eat completely satisfies me, and if I want more, I can have it, because it’s good for me. There are days that I have very little hunger and some days that I eat all day long. In either case however, I’m never gaining weight because of my Raw food choices

Losing Weight

Raw greens and vegetables have the fewest calories per bite of any food. Fruits are the second lowest, and they give satiation because they raise blood sugar and reduce appetite. One of the things I do to prevent over-eating at a meal is that I start it with an apple or some pineapple for example. I eat the apple about 20-30 minutes before I eat my meal, because the apple contains pectin and fiber, which really help fill me up so I don’t eat as much at the regular meal. Eating high-water content foods will also help you lose weight, because these foods are lower in calories. For a high-water content, Raw weight-loss diet, try the following: During the first half of the day, before you eat anything else, drink water with fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice. Shortly thereafter, drink 16 ounces of green juice or a 16-ounce fruit or green smoothie (or just whole fresh fruit). If you’re hungry later, as it gets closer to lunch, opt to have Raw soup and salad made with fresh organic ingredients. For dinner, make yourself some Raw pasta( shredded or spiraled root vegetables) and marinara or Raw falafel(collard greens) with raw cashew sauce. This is just to give you some ideas. The bottom line is that if you consume plenty of greens, especially in a liquid form, your energy will go through the roof, you will feel full and satisfied, and you lose unwanted excess weight. If you follow this eating plan, you will get all the nutrients and water you need for the day without getting too many calories. You’ll also feel full and be less likely to eat too much rich food during the day.

Gaining Weight

If your goal is to gain weight, then you can accomplish that by eating a High Raw diet and exercise program as well. If you wish to gain weight, this is best done by gaining muscle through strength and resistance workouts. You can easily get added calories needed for such training through additional blended shakes (I love adding , Hemp hearts, sweet or starchy fruits such as dates or bananas, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Activity Level

There’s no doubt that including exercise or physical activity is going to compound the benefits of this lifestyle. You’ll find yourself with so much energy that you’ll want to exercise. You’ll want to get outside and enjoy yourself. As you transition to a higher Raw diet, you’ll find yourself wanting to move around. You’ll feel so good, you won’t want to just sit on the couch and watch TV.

One of the main benefits of exercise is that it helps oxygen flow through your body and accelerates your lymph system. You end up sweating and removing wastes through your skin. Then, your lymphatic system gets rid of toxic cellular waste products. Some experts blame cellulite on lymph accumulation. So, eat healthy and pure, get physically active to keep your lymph system flowing, and you’ll see some major changes. For my own body, my cellulite started to disappear in no time.


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